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Our diagnostic ultrasound program is an extraordinary training program with personalized schedules and a self-projected graduation date. We create a comprehensive learning environment that helps students thrive in online virtual classrooms. Our Scanning Studio visits students with a convenient portable lab. Supportive externship experiences provide a complete training for a rewarding career in diagnostic ultrasound technology. Students learn to scan as professional diagnostic ultrasound technologists using advanced techniques and protocols. Study the craft of diagnostic ultrasound technology using our success tools that allow you to study each course to mastery.

Note: Our program requires a bachelors or a 2 year allied health degree in order to qualify.

  • One-on-one tutoring with experienced registered sonographers.

  • Flexible schedules and unlimited access to archived lessons.

  • Fast courses that to fit individual schedules.

  • Set the time spent in our Scanning Studio to perfect your scanning skills.

  • Repeat courses at no additional cost to gain maximum knowledge.

  • Study from your home, office, or while traveling. Switch between your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Become confident in performing ultrasound examinations independently before graduation.

Our Diagnostic Ultrasound Program

Our complete education is the clinical experience necessary to become a certified diagnostic ultrasound technologist. Our training along with your bachelor's degree or 2-year allied health degree will be the credentials you need to enter this rewarding new career in diagnostic ultrasound.

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The average salary of entry-level Sonographers is $65,790/year on average and expected to increase annually according to the U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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