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Ultrasound is a Skill and an Art

Sonography is a skill and an art. Through a very thorough and advanced education, we assist you each step of the way and all in as little as one year. The ultrasound program is rigorous and customizable making our ultrasound program your personalized diagnostic ultrasound education. You can study the material to absolute mastery by repeating modules for optimal learning and to become the best sonographer you can be.


Students Become Proficient in

  • understanding anatomy, physiology, and pathology/anomalies for the organs and tissue they will be scanning in the field
  • observing patient signs and symptoms and incidences associated with pathology/anomalies
  • thinking 3-dimensionally
  • using scanning techniques that provide the most optimal visualization of targeted structures
  • noticing ultrasound appearances of organs and possible conditions
  • describing findings in an accompanying report
  • using the best ergonomics for longevity in the field
  • assisting physicians and/or radiologists in invasive procedures

An Enhanced Ultrasound Curriculum

Our school gives students the tools and time they need to successfully complete an education in sonography. Students use our postgraduate education in sonography in conjunction with their specific prior education to apply for the ARDMS certification examinations to become a certified sonographer. A certified sonographer has the best opportunity for employment. Our advanced education in diagnostic sonography gives students and edge to complete the necessary registry examinations. Students will have the competitive edge to be hired by dynamic ultrasound departments.

Related Ultrasound Topics

We teach general and vascular diagnostic ultrasound in

  • abdominal and small-parts ultrasound
    • breast
    • musculoskeletal
  • obstetrics/gynecological ultrasound
  • vascular ultrasound
  • pediatric and neonatal ultrasound
  • midwife sonography

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LEARN is our post-graduate educational approach that actuates our curriculum and connects instructors with students to work together towards success.

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Wolf River Diagnostic Learning Center is committed to educating students with the most up-to-date instruction and highest standards of diagnostic ultrasound practices. To accomplish this goal we approach diagnostic imaging as a skill and an art and challenge our students to perform to above level standards and find their own style for the best ultrasound diagnoses possible. With a combination of online courses and hands-on laboratory practicums our education allows for customizable learning. It is our mission to train students to work as competent and confident sonographers upon entering the diagnostic ultrasound arena. We believe students should achieve and demonstrate success and excellence in diagnostic ultrasound technology to meet the demands of a growing field.

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