Diagnostic Ultrasound Education

Join our sonographic training program taught by experienced certified sonographers from the convenience of your home or wherever Wi-Fi is available.

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Program Highlights

Mastery in Ultrasound Education

The ultrasound program curriculum is tailored to maximize proficiency in diagnostic ultrasound procedures. Sonography students graduate with confidence and are highly employable in a large range of ultrasound department settings.

Self-Managed Progress

Discover what being in control of your ultrasound education feels like. Graduate when you exceed the benchmark of entry-level skills in diagnostic ultrasound.

Experienced and Dedicated Instructors

Ultrasound program instructors are talented and highly skilled registered sonographers who have a passion for ultrasound education.

Individualized Mentoring

Receive one-on-one attention and resources that aid advanced ultrasound learning objectives.

Program Components


  • 5 repeatable modules to include general and vascular ultrasound
  • Virtual online classrooms with certified sonograpaher instructors
  • Flexible schedules
  • Repeat modules for material mastery
  • Fast-paced, rigorous, and self-managed
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Ultrasound Lab

  • Portable lab that travels to you
  • Train in the convenience of your home or near-by location
  • Small instructor-student ratios
  • Mange time spent in the lab for proficiency of skills
  • Become proficient in ultrasound examinations prior to joining a clinical site
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  • Train in the field at a hospital or clinic with working sonographers
  • Mange time spent in the field for mastery of skills
  • Chose a clinical site that fits your needs
  • Get hands-on experience with real patients
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Enrollment Process

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Step 1: Application

The online application process includes your demographic information and the following two essays:


Personal Essay

Prepare a short essay on why you want to become and ultrasound technologist.


Qualification Essay

Write a short essay describing your qualifying education (i.e. bachelors degree, two-year allied health degree with a clinical component, certified midwife).

Second admission step knob.

Step 2: Complete the Pioneer Ultrasound Prerequisite Course

This course is a self-paced introduction to diagnostic ultrasound as a career. You will learn the history of diagnostic ultrasound and the pioneers responsible for bringing ultrasound to become a diagnostic imaging tool. You will also learn essentials to the diagnostic ultrasound practice that provide a foundation for the Wolf River DLC ultrasound program.

Third admission step knob.

Step 3: Interview & Orientation


Write an Essay

Prepare a short essay on why you want to become and ultrasound technologist.


Schedule an Interview

Write a short essay describing your qualifying education (i.e. bachelor's degree, two-year allied health degree with a clinical component, MD practice) and your experience using your credentials.


Schedule an Orientation

This is an opportunity to meet your instructor(s) and go over important information about the program.

Fourth and last admission step knob.

Step 4: Select a Start Date

Upon gaining acceptance to our program you will choose your start date within a targeted season.


Early Winter

Late Winter

Early Spring

Late Spring


Early Fall

Late Fall

Choose a start date, choose a tuition plan, and make a refundable $300 deposit to hold your spot in the cohort.

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