Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program

Join our sonography training program taught by experienced certified sonographers from the convenience of your home or wherever Wi-Fi is available.

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Program Highlights

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Mastery in Ultrasound Education

The ultrasound program curriculum is tailored to maximize proficiency in diagnostic ultrasound procedures. Sonography students graduate with confidence and are highly employable in a large range of ultrasound department settings.

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Self-Managed Progress

Discover what being in control of your ultrasound education feels like. Graduate when you exceed the benchmark of entry-level skills in diagnostic ultrasound.

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Experienced and Dedicated Instructors

Ultrasound program instructors are talented and highly skilled registered sonographers who have a passion for ultrasound education.

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Individualized Mentoring

Receive one-on-one attention and resources that aid advanced ultrasound learning objectives.

Program Components


  • 5 repeatable modules to include general and vascular ultrasound
  • Virtual online classrooms with certified sonograpaher instructors
  • Flexible, fast-paced, rigorous, and self-managed
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Ultrasound Lab

  • Portable lab that travels to you
  • Train in the convenience of your home or near-by location
  • Small instructor-student ratios
  • Mange time spent in the lab for proficiency of skills
  • Become proficient in ultrasound examinations prior to joining a clinical site
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  • Train in the field at a hospital or clinic with working sonographers
  • Mange time spent in the field for mastery of skills
  • Chose a clinical site that fits your needs
  • Get hands-on experience with real patients
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